A Silverman Lining in the D.C. Cloud

This is my September post because I live in the Central Time Zone, although the timestamp will say October.

Last week, I sent a small contribution to Elissa Silverman, a candidate for council at-large in Washington, D.C. I heard her speak in 2011 at forum on the FY2012 D.C. budget hosted by her employer, the D.C. Fiscal Policy Institute. Although I have not followed the D.C. election very closely this year, I decided that Silverman is the only candidate worthy of my support after deciding not to support any of the mayoral candidates.

I have met one of the candidates for mayor, former councilmember Carol Schwartz, and have known her for her compassion and other desirable qualities, but I object to her blame-the-teacher approach to public education. I am not familiar enough with another mayoral candidate, At-large Councilman David Catania, to support him.

However, Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser cannot be allowed to be Mayor of the District of Columbia. My experience living in Ward 4 and speaking at some of her committee hearings leaves me the impression that she is not fit to be the mayor and that she doesn’t care about tenants.


What do you think?

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