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Just got polled

A few minutes ago, I responded to a telephone survey about my preferences for the upcoming Congressional and Presidential elections. In the questions about my preference for President, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, and Hillary Clinton were mentioned, but Bernie Sanders (running in the Democratic Primary), Jill Stein*, and any possible Libertarian candidate weren’t presented as choices. Likewise, the choices for party preferences did not include the Green and the Libertarian parties.

The questions mostly concerned national security, and many of the choices given did not fit my positions on this issue. The one open question in the poll asked me to state my greatest concern about national security. My response was “endless war”. Many of the multiple-choice questions were long and complex as were the choices given.

I did ask for the name of the firm, Central Marketing of New York, NY.

* Dr. Jill Stein is one of five candidates for President in the Green Party.


The Civically Clueless

A recent analysis by David Wasserman of The Cook Political Report found consistently lower turnout of voters age 18-44 in recent midterm elections. Wasserman presented his findings recently on MSNBC.

My conjecture for explaining the lower turnout among younger voters is that they do not know who their representatives in Congress are, who their state governor is, or who represents them in their state legislature. This ignorance, I surmise, characterizes a significant percentage of young people who voted for Obama or for Bill Clinton, and at least partially explains the Republican victories in 1994 and 2010. These people voted in Presidential elections simply because they found Obama or Clinton personally appealing and then totally ignored the mid-terms.

I’m aware of some studies of voter ignorance, but I think that a survey that attempts to correlate voters’ knowledge with their participation and their Presidential preferences could help to further explain the trends illustrated in Wasserman’s report.